What makes you faint #2

In this article, you get to know other causes of fainting. Which may be serious or not. Some of these include:

Low Blood Sugar

Also known as ‘Hypoglycemia’ makes you dizzy, weak, confused. The fastest way to help you feel better is taking some carb juice or candy. In order to prevent fainting. You can also take a drug known as ‘Glucagon’ to help your body release more sugar.


High blood sugar from diabetes can damage the nerves in your body that help keep your blood pressure steady. That could lead to unusually low blood pressure that makes you pass out.


Some medicines to control high blood pressure and depression may affect the way your heart and blood vessels while standing. In older people, some drugs and illness may cause fainting.


It’s a sudden change in the brain’s normal electrical signals. Some symptoms, like eyes rolling back and jerking movements, may be similar to breath-holding. The difference is seizures make you unconscious for minutes, not seconds, and might make you lose control of your bladder. And you could see flashes of light or get unusual smells or tastes with no obvious source. See your doctor if you suspect a seizure.

Heart Problems

Coronary heart diseases can prevent adequate blood containing oxygen reaching your brain. It results in a Cardiac syncope, where you faint. The dangerous aspect is it can happen continuous for sometimes without any signals. it is necessary to visit the hospital to prevent other serious happenings.


This happens when you breathe in quickly due to inadequate air flow. It makes blood vessels around your brain shrink and limits oxygen. Which causes you to faint.


Deep continuous coughs may prevent oxygen getting into your blood. This can make you faint. It can happen to everyone from babies to adults. It’s symptoms are much similar to Asthma.

Drinking Alcohol

This makes your blood vessels expand and drops blood pressure. You can faint after you drink a lot of alcohol which reaches a dangerously high blood alcohol concentration.

Tight Collar

A “tight-collar syndrome,” occurs after something pushes hard on nerves at a wide part of your neck. This interferes with the blood flow of the brain and makes you faint. It happens very quickly no early symptoms.