Brenda writes:

    Last year, I was engaged to a Christian man in my church. I was actually the one who chased after him in the first place, due to his smart nature. We dated for 2 years, but I still felt as though, the love and affection was not flowing naturally from him. He mostly talked about marriage and wanting to settle down but I still didn’t feel any form of closeness.

    Then I lost my favorite aunt, in a car accident. This got me so shattered for some weeks, and all these while he had never bothered coming to see me or even give his condolences to my family. When I later asked him why he did nothing to show support during the lost of my aunt, he bluntly said that he was preparing for his exams and did not want any distractions.

    QUESTION: What do I do now? Cause I feel like I’m giving too much to make this relationship work, but it probably was never valued by him in the first place.