What one must do to recognise seasons and times – Bishop Kakra Baiden

If you want to be balance, you must value every season in your live. You must be able to respond to every season appropriately – Eccl. 3:11.

We have a spiritual season which is of the feeling, senses and the heart. You need to move with the season to achieve balance. Below are ways to recognise seasons;

  • Natural season – As a woman, they are season where many men comes to propose. That is the season to make the right choice and not to spend their money- Romans 1:20, 1 Corinthians 7:36.
  • Spiritual season – John 5:4 – When you understand what is going on around you, you recognise it to make the right choice. – 1st Corinthians 12:32 – As a man you need to understand times. You must pay attention to your heart, senses and the feelings and respond to it positively.
  • Activity season – Eccl. 3:2 – The best time to build is the time you are single and do not have a child, because you don’t have any child responsibility of buying or providing of needs. As a woman, the best time to marry is 17-25 according to Bishop Kakra Baiden. Around that age the woman is fertile and the man has much strength to reproduce. Proverbs 5:18.
  • We must respond to the season not to the convenient. In life, you must respond to the season and not the convenience. People who move according to convenience do not do well in life. Life is not like a machine but a mixture of many things. You cannot have a baby at your wish but there’s a season for that. When you get the opportunity grab it because people change their mind at any time. John 5:4.                                                         Don’t be slow in life but be moved. The world doesn’t change for you, you need to change it.
  • You need to be flexible. When you are not flexible, you can’t recognise the season and many opportunities will pass you by. For anyone who wants to recognise the season must be flexible.
  • Having speed and accuracy – Ezra 9:8. Everything has an expiring date even Grace. If you are not able to use or do things at their appropriate time, it get wasted. Sometimes God has called you into the ministry and all you need is speed to fulfil the calling.

When you respond to season, you get to have a balance life.