What To Do During Courtship

Learn as much as you can about your lover. Include educational background, family background, profession, personality, traits, health status and hobbies.

Also find out about your lover’s cultural background, favourite foods, attitude about money, lifestyle and spirituality. Again find out about your lover’s attitude to work, women and marriage.

It is important to be honest with each other. If you lie, you create a self wound which prevents you from committing to your relationship. Tell your partner everything about yourself. Confess your past and let your partner help you get better.

If you have a luggage, it could get heavier when you marry. You must, therefore, not carry baggage into your marriage.

Set guidelines. This must include improvements on your income, skills and qualifications. It is also advisable partners avoid premarital sex at least some months before marriage so that you can build your trust, self control and emotions.

Premarital sex is a powerful tool that can put your mental and emotional connection at risk.