Where can you Find a Sacrifice that can Cost You?

Perez Chapel International celebrates 30 years of ministry today because of the obedience of the Presiding Bishop Charles Agyinasare and his founder and wife Rev.Vivian Agyinasare. At an early age he had to sacrifice his comfort to begin ministry.

What do we understand by sacrifice? sacrifice is an art of presenting any person or animal it is also the art of giving up something valuable for the sake of something more important than the other.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without sacrifice. Abraham in Genesis 22:2 was to go and sacrifice his only son for his blessing.Though God used that to try his faith he was willing. In Hebrews-26,Moses could have remained in the kings palace but refused to identify himself with wealth.

Without sacrifice,you cannot become what you want to become.When sacrificing, sacrifice something that costs you because you cannot serve God well without sacrifice.

Luke 16:24-25 and Matthew 16:24-25, the disciples were told to take up their cross and follow if they were willing to serve.

Sacrifice the pleasures of sin,in Romans 12:1,it is not easy to live a holy life but you must first sacrifice your sin buy being willing not to sin.

If you do not sacrifice for what you want,what you want will be sacrificed. Hebrews 13:16 teaches us to do good for doing good is also an act of sacrifice. Do good to your enemies,do good to the ungrateful don’t get weary in doing good.

Giving your time to God is an act of sacrifice- studying your Bible,Fasting,Praying,winning souls and even attending church. Know that any sacrifice to God comes with a reward from God.

There is an excellent sacrifice this kind comes when you give without wanting the favor of man or pleasing another but with a clear motive. Also there is the acceptable sacrifice where you keep your body which is the temple of God away from being defiled. It takes a great deal of commitment to sacrifice and stay spiritual. Learn to sacrifice and discipline yourself so your dream will materialize.