Where your treasure is

God has given us everything in limitless quantities. However, the only way to receive them is through obedience and faith not prayers.

God does not answer prayers for things He has already given. Our energy should be focused on forgiveness, repentance, intercessory prayers. And seeking His Kingdom for ourselves and others in Jesus’ name. His Kingdom is what we shall receive after judgment.

What God wants to give us is salvation for our souls. Not marriages, children, houses, good jobs, good health, cars and other earthly gains. He has given us all of the above already. The reason we don’t have them is because we refuse to seek the Kingdom of God first as we continue to live in self-denial.

Make a conscious effort to focus on the things of God rather than putting your whole hope in earthly gains. For where your treasure is, there your heart is (Matthew 6:21).

Remember, everything on earth is temporal, but everything with God is eternal. Alas!