Who are you worshiping?

As believers God is the object of our worship Revelations 4:8. It is placing worth on the ultimate object of our worship.

How much you know something determines the ease at which you appreciate it. Our knowledge of God goes a long way to help in our worship with him.

Many of us stop at the means through which we worship but it is not supposed to be so. In spirit means that the mood of worship among other things.

Worship is not just an event so when coming to service, we usually do an act of worship which is an aspect of worship.

You must carry a mood of worship, it is not when you enter into service that you begin worship. First ask , Who is God to you? What do you know him for? What aspect of God have u experienced?

He is Elohim -Elohim is God in plural Genesis 1:1, John 1:1. Elohim reveals the nature of God as the creator therefore if you need something created in you he can do it. Elohim reveals God as eternal.

Elohim reveals God as El-Shaddai 1st Timothy 1:17, 2nd Peter 3:8- God is not bound by time, he can change situations within a short amount of time.

He is Immortal, invisible, omnipresent, omniscient all confirms God as El-Shaddai in Genesis 17:1 .God Almighty is El-Shaddai which means he’s our supplier, comforter and also means what ever you need is in God.

God is a personal God therefore he seeks a relationship from us for us to experience him. Our relationship with him must not be just an event but should be a continuous experience, he requires this in our worship to him.

He is also JehovahJireh according to  Genesis 22:12
He is the provider of everything Genesis 22:12-14.

In worship you attribute everything to the source. If there is a disconnection, a problem arrives. What we give to God and how we give to him matters.

Our offering is a form of worship.