Who Do You Call Your Friend?

We mostly referrer to people as our friends whiles they are not. The person you call your friend also calls someone else’s as his or her friend. Very ridiculous!

Who is your friend or how do you make friends? A pastor once preaching said, it is better to choose your friend than allowing your friends to choose you. If you allow your friends to choose you instead of you choosing them that would be the greatest mistake of your life. The person you call your friend doesn’t regards you as his or hers’ because you are not he or she’s level to befriend. This your friend is just around you for certain reasons.

The saying a friend indeed is a friend in need is one fragile key to know whom your friends are. There are several angles to examine the person you call as your friend. In a crucial time of your life where you need an idea, financial help, consolations, encouragement, prayers etc, that is where the true colours of your friends revels.

Sometimes the people we call our friends turn their back at us when we need them the most but expect you to be there for them when they are facing hardship. As you couldn’t do for someone, it can’t be done for you.

A friend should be law and abiding, honesty, loyalty, helpful, supportive, self-understanding and also believes in you and draw you closer to God. If your friends are not of any of these, have a second thought.

Befriending Jesus Christ is the best relationship you could ever have on this earth. He is the only friend who chooses you with good intentions, all you need to do is to accept Him and he will make you the happiest person ever. He would provide all your needs and wants and even grant you your heart desires.