Who Is Not Serious’’

[ A letter to the church Musicians written by Kwabena Ansong]

Seems both instrumentalist and singers have a problem in collaborating, they all give excuses in playing and singing.
Leading vocalist changes a key to their satisfaction on the exact day of ministration after long hours of preparation at rehearsal…
After all the hard work of the director in coordinating and teaching yet the choir heedlessly sings hmmmm
And in some cases too choir director get infuriated easily with members. Eeeii asem ben koraaaa nie?

One fascinating thing is that you could get a serious choir but instrumentalist aren’t.
Serious instrumentalist but a none serious choir leader. Serious lead vocalist but bad harmony choir backing! A punctual choir member but with a chainsaw voice( do not say that loud..lol)! OMG!!! And the old men and women in a choir who prevent the younger ones to function and use their gifts. God, could we not get all perfect?
If we can work as a team and  stop  ‘Me and Myself’ Attitude it will help us paaaaa.
Every one want to be a Minister but not a backing vocalist.
A lot of ministries in choirs! Kofi ministries, Yaw Mintah ministries, Instrumentalists Ministries for we jazz only .
Bankers go to work early because it’s their job right?
OK! Then why do Gospel Musicians go for rehearsal late? Do you use your phone when you go work?
So why then do you do so at choir rehearsal? Do you make it a point to preinform your manager if you can’t make it to work? Yes is a big answer. So why not in the church?
I beseech you brethren to change your ATTITUDE towards rehearsal this year.

Be Holy for I Am holy!. My musicians, you can’t go and do that your THING and come and kneel during worship. Enough of the fornication and erotic movies. Homosexuality (Gay & Lesbian) in a choir, hmmmm oh Jesus!
Enough of the masturbation and secret immorality. Be serious!

God will never ask you the big platforms you sang or played on. The only thing God will ask you is your Faithfulness and Fruitfulness to his work.
Don’t teach her how to sing because she’s beautiful. Don’t fall in love with her in the choir because she dresses nicely. Be in tune with the Holy spirit and take a new step this year with your church choir activities!

#One Musician One Helper