Who is your Husband? Elkanah or Isaac?

In marriage, my sister, you need to be prayerful. You cannot afford to joke with prayer. Some women can go away with it but it is not every woman that can afford that. It all depends on who your husband is. It depends on whether your husband is an Elkanah or an Isaac.

In case you marry an Elkanah you cannot afford to live a prayer less life. Elkanahs are very religious people but they are not spiritual. They love to do the religious activities that come with fanfare.

They are quick to do their offerings or take the communion even though they may not know the spiritual implication of what they do. Every year they will go to Shiloh without miss. Every Sunday they will go to Church but they are not praying people. And so an Elkanah would not pray for himself let alone pray for you and for your needs (physical, spiritual, emotional or psychological).

If you finally realized that you need to take your destiny into your own hands and rise up and pray, he would discourage you or even prevent you. He would complain about why you attend prayer meetings. He would tell you it is not necessary. Even if you tell him why you have to pray, he would tell you he should be more valuable to you than any need in your life.

When Hannah could not have a baby and was seriously praying for it, Elkanah asked her in 1Samuel 1:8 that “Why are you crying, Hannah? Why aren’t you eating? Why be down hearted just because you have no children? You have me- isn’t that better than having ten sons?”

If your husband is an Elkanah who thinks that you should not have any other need or priority but rather you should be satisfied because you are married to him then you better be on your knees daily.

He does not recognize that you should have a need. Even when he knows your need he would play it down by describing it as JUST. He trivializes your most important need. By the way he talks, you should know that he would not pray about your issue for you. He does not see your need as important. He thinks that he should be the most important thing you ever wanted in this world.

But If you are married to an Isaac, lucky you. You can afford to go to bed and sleep comfortably because an Isaac, unlike an Elkanah, will be on his knees for you. Isaacs are not religious people but very spiritual. They are very sensitive to things of the spirit.

In Genesis 25:21, the Bible says that “Isaac pleaded with the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins”.
An Isaac is an intercessor. An Isaac would recognize your deepest need and will not rest until it is fulfilled.

They do not go to Shiloh every year like Elkanahs but they are connected to the Throne of Grace and when they pray, heaven responds with more than you can carry results. His prayers produced twin, the first of its kind in human history then.
Who have you married or who are you planning to marry? Do you know whether he is an Elkanah or an Isaac?

Every woman would be looking forward to marrying an Isaac but in case you marry an ~Elkanah~, be a Hannah, rise and pray.