Whom do you seek?

Matthew 6:33- But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you.


When the true word of God is preached, it should be more than able to chasten. And those who are not in Church to save their souls away. Don’t worry if it happens rather be glad as a man of God. Remember, not everyone will repent nor everyone be saved. This is why there’s a place prepared for all in eternity.

However, choosing God first in your life, puts you at an advantage of those in the world.(Matthew 6:33) For many other things shall be added unto you.

It is important to know that whatever you love more than God is your idol. Hence, making you an idol worshipper. You can not obey what you don’t love. For some, it is food, for others, fashion and for many money or fame.