Why did you Married her?

Couple in living room

Wives are the vitreous gifts God gives to a man. Now let’s look at the practical ways to express love to your wife. I’m not saying expressing love to your girlfriend, because your girlfriend is not yet your wife. There are certain investments a husband can make in his wife a guy shouldn’t do for his girlfriend. Some guys are cursing themselves because of certain investments they made in the lives of their girlfriends when later the relationship didn’t work out.

Every husband is bound by law and God’s word to express sincere and genuine love to the woman he married. He can’t say he’s not going to love the wife as he used to because they are married. This is the time your wife needs more love from you. Before you married her, you promised her heaven on earth that you will love her till death do you apart. She believed in your love lyrics and agreed to marry you. Now that you are married, it’s time to prove that love to her.


There’s no way you can make your wife feel loved if you don’t accept her just as she is. It’s true there are certain things you may not like about her but that doesn’t mean you should allow those weaknesses and flaws to limit the flow of your love to her. Have this in mind that any woman you marry in this world will come with her own challenges. Therefore, don’t see your wife as the worst thing that happened to you.


Every woman wants surprises. Once in a time surprise her with something you know she likes or wants. Doing that will communicate more love to her that you care and think about her. Let her know that she’s on your mind and despite your busy schedules and activities you still want her to know that she’s part of you.


Being a wife and a mother is not an easy task. Your wife have to be servicing you as a husband and the same time be nursing and taking care of your children. Sometimes, when I sit down and consider the work my wife is doing for the family, I know that she’s really doing a great job which I greatly appreciate. You have to let your wife know that you appreciate everything she’s doing for the family and that alone will communicate love to her. Let her know you appreciate everything she does whether cleaning the house, cooking, washing or taking good care of the kids


The one person that your wife wants to know values her is you the husband. She will be more grateful to God if you value her than her friends or mates. Because she’s married to you, she sees her worth through you. The way you handle her tells her that she’s having someone who she means something to no matter what life brings against her or who don’t like or value her.

It Pays To Love Your Wife.

By: Yemoh Michael