Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Why Germs Keep Spreading In Your Kitchen

Germs can be found everywhere. Both at home and outdoor locations. Aside the obvious knowledge of bathroom germs, the kitchen appears to be the lead in accumulating germs in the house.
Starting from table-tops, to sinks, cutting boards, fridges and mostly “napkins”. The kitchen is known to be filled with lots of germs. Amazingly, these microorganisms spread easily from one member of the house to another.
Due to this, it is important you take cautious steps in saving yourself and your household from these harmful germs. Below are items that have easy contact to germs.


This is the kitchen item that has a lot of germs found in it. This is because it’s mostly stored in wet, dark place. Which are breeding grounds for bacteria growth.

It is believed that germs spread naturally when you use one sponge to clean several dishes together with counter-tops and sinks. 


  • Soak sponge or foam in a mixture of bleach,vinegar or water.

  • Spray or clean counter-tops with vinegar solution (Leave for 1 minute before you wipe).
  • Try to keep electronic devices like;remotes, phones and other items like; letters, keys off counters. This is to reduce the level of germs spread-out in the kitchen and house as a whole.

Cutting boards.

  • Soak boards in vinegar and water solution for 30 minutes. Rinse afterwards in hotwater or soapy water.
  • Try using separate boards for fruits, vegetables, fish and meats.

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