‘Why go Back ’to Secular Music–Trinity Cross

Years after contributing their quota to the secular music, Abuja Boys and Nii Soul have finally come together as a music group called Trinity Cross to storm the gospel industry.

Speaking in an interview with gospelcrusader.com, the quartet told their story about the journey so far.

“We were invited to be initiated into occultism to wield power and influence crowd anytime we go on stage to perform. We were convinced that it is an industry practice and as young as we were, we decided to get involved. We were sent to a shrine to perform some rituals but the fetish priest told us we were not ready after trying to initiate us three times. We were sent home to agree among ourselves and come back for the rituals but we never did,” they said.

“Just like the biblical Saul, we had the calling of God to do his work but we ignored. We went searching for another manager to help us release our second album. We met a man who said we have to be gays before he can help us and since we had no interest in it, we refused,” they added.

They continued that since the calling was strong, they gave up and surrendered everything to God to have his way with them. When they took the decision of working for God, they lost the fame and fortune as well as friends. “God broke us and prepared us for almost six years before we came out with our first single Lord I Love You,” they told gospelcrusader.com.

Nii Soul, on the other hand got initiated into free Mason lodge. He had a dream one night when Prophet T B Joshua came to him and said “drop the microphone you are holding and pick Gods work.” Later, he also had another dream where a wind was blowing and destroying a lot of things but a light appeared and started to re-arrange everything that has been destroyed. Then, God aided him, just like the wind.

At the time this happened, he had a recording contract with a US based company to produce his album. He cancelled the deal because he decided to work for God. In 2014, Trinity Cross then made up of Nii Wonder, Miracle(all of Abuja boys) and G Sign (Fifelola Yinka) recorded Lord I Love You and featured Nii Soul who was then a solo artiste and after the featuring through divine orchestration joined to become the fourth member of the group.

Currently members of the group are: Nii Wonder (Nii Ayi Welbert), Miracle (Nii Adjei Ramson Albert), Nii Soul (Nii Otu Joseph) and G Sign (Fifelola Yinka Michael).

When asked why the name Trinity Cross, they said: “the name Trinity Cross because in theology trinity stands for God, the father, son and Holy Spirit. The Bible also admonishes us to take up the cross daily for Jesus and so Trinity Cross represents the great commission given by Jesus before ascending to Heaven. We stand for preaching Jesus no matter the weight of the cross. We are ready to carry it and win back the youth especially to Jesus Christ.”

Under the management of DewNote Records, Trinity Cross has songs like: Lord I Love You, Kronkron Hene featuring Joe Mettle, Adom, Meda W’ase and Yesu. Their next single to be released is titled No Turning Back. This song is to tell the world that, those who responded to the calling of God will not go back. They also have a yet to be released track titled Yesu Aye Bi and it features Helena Rhabbles.

When asked if they wouldn’t go back to secular music like high life artiste Ofori Amponsah and Ofori of Antwi ne Antwi fame did, they said: ‘We do contemporary gospel music and the genre cuts across Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Reggae and Hip Hop. Our focus is about the content we put out but doing what we were doing previously, we wouldn’t backslide like the others.”