Why Judas Betrayed Christ PT2 – DAG HEWARD MILLS

1. Judas was the odd one out.

All the disciples came from Galilee, but Judas came from Kerioth. Judas was the exception to the Galilean team. He was the odd one out in a related Galilean family. Whenever you are the exception or the odd person within a group, your oddness may make you see things in a different light. If you are the only black person among many whites, you may always see their jokes and comments directed against your colour.

Who Is the Odd One Out?

If you are the only woman amongst men, you may always interpret their decisions as being targeted against women. If you are the only uneducated person amongst many educated people, the devil will come to you many times and tell you that the people think you are stupid. Watch out for people who are circumstantially peculiar. Judas probably began to see himself as different from the others. He gradually grew apart as these thoughts raced through his mind. Many disloyal people are casualties of the “odd one out” experience.

2. Judas was disappointed at the type of training he was undergoing.

He initially felt that joining the ministry team would elevate his status and give him opportunities to minister. To his surprise, he became an errand boy, a waiter, an usher and a scavenger. Judas the Usher
And Jesus said, Make the men sit down…John 6:10

Judas the Waiter
…the disciples [distributed food] to them that were set down…
John 6:11

Judas the Errand boy
…then sent Jesus two disciples, Matthew 21:1

Judas the Scavenger
…Gather up the fragments that remain…John 6:12

Judas Was Humiliated
He was humiliated before thousands of people as he carried baskets of food from place to place. At a point, Judas thought to himself: this is not what I bargained for.

3. Judas was probably disappointed at the poor accommodation that the ministry office provided for him.

He thought that he would get better conditions of service. But in following Jesus he did not even have a good apartment or rented house to live in. In fact, he became a homeless
street dweller. …but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head. Luke 9:58

Judas thought to himself, “Jesus has not taken into consideration some important administrative details.” Perhaps Judas hated staying with friends and crowding into
people’s homes. Imagine twelve grown men crowding into a small house.
And being In Bethany in the house of Simon the leper… Mark 14:3


4. Judas was disappointed at the poor transportation provided by the ministry office.

Perhaps Judas thought that by going into full-time ministry he would have the luxury of owning his own donkey or mule (car). This was not to be so. The only person to ride on a donkey was Jesus himself, and even that was at the end of his ministry.
…thy King [Jesus] cometh… sitting upon an ass [donkey]… Matthew 21:5

What a disappointment for the aspiring young man! A number of people defect from their ministry jobs when they discover that good cars are not as readily available as they imagined. What is even more difficult for them is when only the Chief Executive (the Lord Jesus, in the case of Judas) seems to enjoy certain benefits.

5. Perhaps Judas began to see Jesus as a wicked miser who would never be generous to his employees.

This point was emphasized when Jesus asked his disciples to collect the leftover crumbs. As Judas carried his basket of crumbs, he must have thought to himself, “This is the limit! I cannot take this stingy treatment any longer.”
…Gather up the fragments that remain… John 6:12

6. Perhaps Judas felt that the emphasis and direction of the ministry had changed.
He felt that more money should be given to the poor. As the treasurer, Judas knew how money was being spent in the ministry. He now found Jesus’ financial and administrative policies defective.
Why was not this… given to the poor? John 12:5


7. Maybe Judas had accused Jesus of misusing the church’s finances.

I want to tell you a secret, a revelation that you must always remember. Someone who accuses others tenaciously of horrible crimes, is often guilty of the same. A person who has never been involved in certain things doesn’t usually accuse others in an adamant fashion. This is because those evil crimes do not even come to him as options that he could take.
…he [Judas] was a thief… John 12:6

8. Perhaps Judas wanted to get rich quickly.

He thought his income was too low for the work he did. Even though Jesus promised that those who followed him would have car loans and housing benefits he could not envisage when such a promise would materialize.
…he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses… Mark 10:30
So he began to think of other means to get money quickly. He began by stealing money from the offering.
…he [Judas] was a thief… John 12:6
After a while this was not enough. He felt a big one-time deal would earn him a lot of money. Considering the hatred that the Jews had for Christ, he realized that if he could selloff Christ he could make it in a big way.
And Judas… went unto the chief priests, to betray him unto them…they were glad, and promised to give him money… Mark 14:10, 11

9. Perhaps he thought that the power and anointing on Jesus Christ was waning because Jesus kept talking about his death.

Usually only depressed people keep talking about death. Jesus Christ calmly predicted his death several times.

And he began to teach them, that the Son of man must suffer… and be killed… Mark 8:31

Each time Jesus talked about the end of his ministry, Judas must have thought, “The fight has gone out of this man. He is not as powerful as he was three years ago.” “When I first knew this man he would powerfully confront the Pharisees and Sadducees. He would preach with such zeal. No one could stand before the anointed preaching of Christ,” he remembered. “Things have changed. The anointing has lifted.” Many observant but natural people see the man of God with a very critical eye. They notice variations in the mood and presentation of the Word. Over a long period, some critical people may conclude that the man of God is in a “low” season.

Don’t Make a Mistake
There may be a genuine change in a minister’s outlook because God may have moved the person on to another phase of his ministry. However, make no mistake about this! It does not mean that God is not with him. When Jesus cried, “O God why hast thou forsaken me”, many people thought that he was an ordinary man who had come to an unfortunate demise. Little did they know that this was just a stage in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Unfortunately, Judas misinterpreted the phase and change in Jesus’ ministry.

-Why Judas Betrayed Christ