Why Many Get Hurt At Church

Making the decision to join a church is just like planning to get married. Where in relationships you date, define your status and finally announce to the needed audience. Joining a church also goes through quite similar routes, only that they are in different context.

However, this sweet union with your new family in Christ like every regular family, comes with a whole lot of headache and drama. We cannot deny this truth because many have been victims before.

A Confession from Eunice:

I was a committed member of my church here in Ghana for more than 8 years. I was blindsided by a scandal. “There’s going to be an announcement,” a friend said in a phone call. She went on to share details of betrayal and moral failure: there had been an affair. I couldn’t believe it. As I stood at the kitchen sink in shock, tears streamed down my face, and I suddenly felt weak.

I had no verbal response for her announcement. She had just communicated the unthinkable about my past on the church youth page. Instantly, my trust was replaced with skepticism. Everything I thought I knew became a lie, and church was no longer the safe refuge I had once deemed it to be.

And as I survey the current Christian landscape of hashtags, accusations, and resignations I imagine that many have found themselves or are now finding themselves in a similar place. Amid the ruins of a once flourishing congregations are individuals. Some who have lost their hope, left the church, or abandoned their faith altogether.

Although the despair of church hurt is overwhelming, there is hope in our relationship with Christ. God can give us “beauty for ashes”Isaiah 61:3.

Share with us your personal experience and how you got over it…

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