Why you need to be an Unmoveable Christian

Woman Among Lit Votive Candles

1. Do not be moved by offences and afflictions; There are many troubles, afflictions and offenses that you must expect because you are a Christian. It is part of the Christian life – 1Thessalonians 3:3. When you join a church, you are not joining a group of angels. Decide to be loving and accommodating towards other Christian and others will also have to put up with you.

2. Do not let bitterness move you away from God; Bitterness is deep-seated long-standing complicated offense. – Hebrews 12:15. Many people who walk out of a church are offended Christians who became bitter. They were probably genuinely offended and their wounds never healed.

3. Do not be moved from the path of righteousness into short cuts; The world is under the delusion that there are short cuts to everything. Unfortunately, some Christians think in the same way. – Psalm 23: 3. They assume that there must be some short cut to heaven since there seems to be a short cut to almost everything. There is no short cut around the cross, you must take up the cross!

4. Do not be moved by foolish questions;  Almost every minister of the gospel is surrounded by suspicion, accusation and questions. – 2Timothy 2:23. God Himself has been accused of not existing. There are men who have risen up to challenge and insult God, thereby confusing the masses. Be careful of foolish questions and above all do not be moved by foolish questions like; “Who made God or who was Cain’s wife”

5. Do not be moved by a change in your circumstances; Christians who find it difficult to adapt to their new circumstances often weaken in their walk with God. – Acts 2:25. They cannot adapt themselves to their new roles as wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and new jobs. – Psalm 137:4.

Why should you turn your back on God because of your new circumstance? Rise up in the name of Jesus! God is with you! God is on your side! You will not be moved by any changes that take place in your life. Because you are unmoveable and a strong Christian.