Why you Never see Kingdom Prosperity that Actually Works.

Kingdom prosperity is God given and in Genesis 24:35,it is God who lifts up one and brings down another. When God decides to do it,he can change the life of a prisoner to a prime minister.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-4 admonishes us to keep sowing and that if we look at our circumstances we will not sow because most of the financial victories came in the time of depression.

When you continually sow,you continually have a harvest.Know that God has given seed to everything;the beginning of everything needs a seed.When the seed goes down,a tree comes up.God uses a seed to create harvest so when sowing,sow what you like Genesis 8:22-there will always be seed time if you want a harvest.

To pass an exam,you sow the seed of study,if you want your husband to love you,love him. God is the one who increases seeds 1st Corinthians 3:6;Every seed must take root before it comes out and when it does,you will see it. what waters your seed is the continual word of God.

God gives seed to the sower. In every harvest you get, there is a seed. Bread eaters eat from hand to mouth but sowers always live in abundance. You cannot experience increase without seed- Luke 6:37.