Woman! Your Appearance Matters

One of the basic and essential things to do as a woman is to look good and attractive at all times. wives should look good for her husband.

Mothers must teach their children to dress presentably.

This does not mean that you need to spend extravagantly by living beyond your means.

Some women even go to the extent of borrowing.they always want to look someway and live beyond their means.Be wise as a believer and do not borrow and buy clothes you can’t afford.

Be wise and manage your finances prudently.women by nature would like to spend and be spent on. know what is priority and know what things to buy at what time.

Some married women, after the wedding, don’t care about how they look anymore. This happens a lot in our society and they end up sending their husbands out to admire other ladies out there and enjoy their company which brings issues to the home.

Make sure you always smell nice and look good.Buying one or two body splash, perfumes or even deodorants will go a long way to increase your self confidence. most ladies sweat a lot and do not practice personal hygiene.

Keep your body in shape. Watch your eating habits, do not accumulate fat and exercise. Men are usually attracted by the things they see.
Though some have preferences when it comes to their choice of women, majority would like their ladies to be in good shape.