Women Warned Over Nudity

WOMEN IN the country have been sternly cautioned against provocative dressing that exposed their vital parts to the public, since that could make them vulnerable to rape attacks from men that cannot control their libido.


Rev. Dr. Gifty Lamptey, President of Ambassadors of the Cross, who issued the warning, expressed disgust and gross concern over how some women virtually walked about in the streets, half naked.


She said nude dressing cuts a deep slur on the image of the entire womanhood; admonishing all women in the country, especially the youth, to always dress decently to protect the dignity of women. Rev. Dr. Lamptey urged young ladies not to copy foreign culture, where half naked dressings are allowed, noting that nude dressing has the potential of influencing some men to rape, which is not needed in society.
She was speaking during the ‘Redemption Summit 2016’ of the Ladies of the Cross, held at the Great Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi.


Ladies of the Cross is a Christian fellowship which trains and gives women from all backgrounds, the platform to know God’s word and apply them in their lives so that they would experience transformation in their lives.
They also imbibe in their members, across the country, God’s word so that they (women) could, on their own, teach others about the word of God, thereby winning souls for God’s kingdom, among other important duties.
Rev. Dr. Lamptey expressed sadness about women that indulge in prostitution to earn a living, pointing out that Ladies of the Cross have decided to talk to more prostitutes so that they would quit that lifestyle.


According to her, her outfit had already engaged several prostitutes in the country in a thorough talk, which is aimed at converting these prostitutes into Christians, saying that the talks looked positive, so far.
She charged women all over Ghana to be ambassadors of peace, especially as the 2016 national elections gradually draws closer, saying “we expect every woman to preach peace wherever they would find themselves.”


-Daily Guide