Words of inspiration


Sometimes the whole hell breaks loose and goes against us. The enemy’s strategy is to find the weakest point and hit it with his scary lies. It’s not easy at all to stand  face to face with your biggest Goliath and hear his threats, hear him laughing and mocking. It’s a great challenge and test that might make us feel totally defeated and broken.

There is just one antidote against this venum of lies spreading in our minds and through the depth of our souls! WE ARE TO REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.

Jesus is the Rock. He is the cornerstone that will never fail. But He has also changed our DNA into His rocks and proclaimed that: “ON THIS ROCK I SHALL BUILD MY CHURCH AND THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL IT!” He called Peter (one of His disciples) a rock and promised that He is to build His church on these kind of rocks just as Peter was. We are to remember that at that time Peter was not a great Apostle yet! He was just like us! He did many mistakes and even denied Jesus. Jesus knew that. Yet that didn’t change Peter’s DNA! As soon as he proclaimed Jesus being the son of God and the Messiah, Jesus directly declared him A ROCK! Peter learned the TRUTH of the power of God as it started to manifest later in his life.