Words of Wisdom from Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Lose your reputation. Accept controversy. Walk in Grace. Don’t explain yourself. Show others Mercy, you’re going to need someone to show you Mercy. Be slow to judge a situation – especially when the Righteous are on Trial. Wait. Wait. Stay neutral and WAIT.

If you are being lied on, wrongfully accused, misrepresented and under bombardment from enemies (and sometimes “friends”) – don’t explain yourself to people. You are not on trial with them. God knows your beginning from the end. He is not surprised and caught off guard by what you are going through.

When you explain yourself you give people a chance to judge you. They will use their own litmus, even the “righteous”. It’s funny how your eyes can see one thing and you still miss the truth in a situation.

Legal experts know the least credible witness is an eyewitness. Too many moving components and the mind has its own creative process. Even your spiritual eyes can misinterpret a situation.

The Bible says we see in part. Stop chasing the prophetic and making prophets out to be magicians. Be careful how you judge any situation. Even your own. Wait. Controversy surrounds greatness. Be still. It’s just a matter of time.  At the Final Analysis, you will win!