“Woye Owura” Released by Noble Nketsiah

Noble Nketsiah, a Ghanaian urban gospel musician has released a new song tittle, “Woye Owura” (You Are The Lord). It’s a very powerful song to commemorate your maker (God).

Woye Owura Lyrics by Noble Nketsiah
Nyametumfo, woy3 k3se
Woy3 owurana wo tumi so
M3s)r wo, mede me tekyerema
Meyi way3 daanyinaa
W’ab)denyinaakanfo wo
WonyumanyinaaKa wo k3se y3
Mes)r wo, medemedetekyerema
Meyi wo ay3 daanyinaa
Woy3 otumfo
nwanwani ne wo

Daanyinaa, woy3 anwanwa de
Ns3nkyer3ne y3fo Nyame
Wodefiritete woy3 Onyame
Woy3 otumfo K3se
Woy3 owura woy3 owura
Wahendi to ntwadaa
Bo gyiNyum), Bo gyiNyum)
Omanky3 nyeli ns3 mfodaa
W’ahendi to ntwadaa (repeat)
Omanky3 nyeli ns3mfo daa (repeat)
Wahendi to ntwadaa.   Below is the song;

Click video to enjoy the song>>

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