Friday, 11th August 2017 – Wrestle Until You See Your Miracle

We all have needs in life which we pray about to God to provide answers. Some answers take a while in coming and many tend to loose focus and patience to wait on God.

There are stages in life that one might feel God has stopped listening to them. But the key to receive your answers is to stay strong in faith and keep praying about your situation.

Genesis 32:24 and 25

Jacob wrestled with angel and did not let go until the angel blessed him. Being persistent is a great virtue do not give up easily for God has not given up on you. do not fight any situation which does not carry any substantial reward. know that the path of greatness is neither smooth or straight.

Do not stop when you feel the pain in your battle until you see your gain.

Make this confession;
I am not ordinary

I carry the power to change my situation.

I believe things are working for my good in Jesus Name.