You Are Eligible For Divine Revelations

Before the coming of Jesus, there was nothing God will do among His people that He would not first show to his prophets. The prophet was the sole mouth piece of God. He was the bearer of God’s present word for His people and stood in the gap between God and His people. No other person aside the prophet received such revelations. But God prophesied through his prophet Joel that there was going to be a time where God will pour out of his Spirit upon all flesh. He said (Joel 2:28): _‘your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men shall see visions and your old men dream dreams’_

‘For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.’ – John 5:20

This is the dispensation Joel prophesied! God’s Spirit has been made available to all of His children. The word of the Lord is not supposed to be with the prophets alone. You are also eligible for divine revelations. Nothing in your life should take you by surprise anymore. Our opening verse made it clear. Jesus had revelations because He was a son and was loved by God. You are also eligible for revelations because you are a child of God and greatly loved by Him.

The Father loves you too as his child and wants to show you everything He does today. If you will make time to seek the Lord for what He is doing today, He will show them to you. You need to understand that although the Father wanted to show Jesus everything He did, Jesus had to learn to wait on Him through prayers and fasting to receive. Meaning even though you are eligible for revelations as a son, you need to be rightly positioned to receive them. It will not just jump on you by accident. Many Christians don’t have words of knowledge and wisdom from the Lord because they don’t make time to pray. Few minutes of prayer will not be enough for you to hear very deep things from God so make time for long hours and days of prayers for divine revelations.

You may not know tomorrow but God already knows tomorrow. Take advantage of your relationship and His willingness to reveal things to you and walk in this life blessed with the benefits of fore knowledge. How will life be like if you can see your child being knocked down by a car 3 days before the time it was actually going to happen or if you can see before time the fake business people you are going to do business with before you actually meet them? These revelations will help you avoid evil and walk in constant blessings.

CONFESSIONS – I am eligible for revelations because I am a child of God and He deeply loves me and want to show me things to come. I make time to wait on the Lord to receive from Him because He is willing to direct me. I refuse to face issues of life as they come without fore knowledge.