You can go bankrupt but never go mindkrupt

It is no news being bankrupt. Even very rich nations can go bankrupt as we are seeing in this moment of financial crises. While it is no news going bankrupt, it is a shock to find a man who is ‘MINDKRUPT’. Unfortunately, too many people are mindkrupt than bankrupt.

To be bankrupt is to lack financial standing but to be mindkrupt is to totally lack positive thinking and creative ideas. If you cannot be a problem solver, solution thinker and a proactive person, then you are mindkrupt. Our world is not ruled by money, it is ruled by thinkers. It is not ruled by certificates, it is ruled by ideas. True life is discovered by people whose minds flow outside the box, not those whose minds stay inside the box of their situations, circumstances and conditions.

True rich people are those whose pockets are controlled by their thinking ability. Healthy lives are bred in the incubator of ideas. Happy people find their happiness in the flower bud of positive ideas. And those who are satisfied in life are those who feed on their brains, not on food. It will shock you that happy marriage or relationship is not built on having a good spouse or partner; it is built on having the ability to think through situations, beyond marital problems and acting positively in the face of every challenge that seeks to overturn the joy of the union.

Kwame Nkrumah said it right; “Change is brought about by men who act like men of thought…” As young people, we need to enter into our brain and mine the precious minerals deposited there.

Better spend time to know how to get something than spend time just to get something. Unfortunately our school system does not teach us HOW TO THINK. We are rather taught WHAT TO THINK. As a result we have so many graduates who cannot think outside the box. They have the degrees but never the thinking ability, [forgive me for being frank, I couldn’t say it any better].

Bible says people perish for lack of knowledge, not lack of degrees or lack of money, or lack of support. Knowledge is not about knowing all the sciences, the technologies, the religions, and the philosophies. It is not about having first class or being best in class. Knowledge is about knowing what to do at every given time. Knowledge must thus go with wisdom. And wisdom is the ability to do something right and well, being led by concrete creative ideas through the Spirit of God – wisdom outside the spirit of God is only a form of wisdom but never real wisdom. Romans 8:14 says,

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

Be led by Yaweh.

Until you start thinking outside the box you will remain and rot inside the box. Therefore, have the mind of Christ and think not like a creator but rather, THINK LIKE THE CREATOR (Phil 2:5).