You don’t have to be a rich person to start Tithing- Find out why

After listening to the views of people and friends, i happened to talk to recently from Accra, Koforidua, Kumasi and even more on social media from different countries like Nigeria, South Africa and USA, i
realized that the church needs to do more than just feeding the congregation with words and having them go home with misconceptions.

Churches are in abundance today as a recent survey conducted, revealed a statistics of about 37 million churches worldwide with about 34,000
Christian denominations worldwide.

Many of them with their own doctrines and belief. Divers means of operations, from pastors bathing other men’s wives to the sales of things presumed to posses the power to heal or the power to protect. Recently it seems people fear and respect their pastors more than they
do GOD.

But;one thing is that many of these denominations actually practice TITHING

What is TITHE?
Why do we pay TITHE?
What does your denomination teach on TITHING?
How do you understand those teachings and how does it influence your life?

Tithe is one tenth, in other words ten percent of one’s produce or
earnings or gifts derived, usually paid in to the givers place of fellowship.

Understanding why we pay tithe is very important. Not just getting engulfed in the euphoria that if you pay tithe, you will prosper financially.It is not Magic!

Trust me when i say a lot of people pay tithe every now and then and they don’t have a single investment or even a savings account.

They pay tithe, yet if instantly you should ask for contributions, they must borrow to be involved. So what has the tithe done for them?

Whoever you are, something or someone takes your tithes and that is a whole different knowledge to tap into but as a Christian ask yourself; “who or what takes your tithe?” No, honestly where do you think your tithes go to? You think your tithe goes to God?

Your money goes to promote God’s work, your money pays bills so that people will walk into the house of God with clean environment, comfortable seats, big sound systems to let everyone hear clearly, big
screens to allow people behind to see the preacher better.

You say its normal? No its not normal because if your pastor should show you some documents, you will be amazed at how much electricity bills he pays to sustain the house of God. Not to talk of water and
other petty bills. If you have more than one branch, you can imagine.

You will begin to understand that the church needs more to run. You have to understand that what your money does is to promote God’s work.
So if you refuse to give your tithe, what you are doing is denying God’s word from reaching out.

Imagine a pastor or evangelist who doesn’t eat well, stomach sermon is what he will preach. Imagine the church being engulfed in un-payable
bills, imagine a dirty church environment because they can’t afford to pay for cleaners and you have decided not to do it. How will such Christianity attract or entice you to keep coming consistently?

You are given hand bills and posters to share to the world, the screens that project the activities on the pulpit, these are all not free. Your money promotes the kingdom work.

When you go to give, what you are saying is, God this is my offering or thanksgiving, this is my ten percent of what i earned after hard work and i am giving it to promote your kingdom work.

So now, where does your tithe go to? Ask yourself. Someone? Something? Or to promote God’s work?

In the old testament, the reason behind tithing was because the preachers were people who had left whatever they were doing and dedicated themselves fully and you can’t let a man like that go hungry.

The benefit is, since you are taking care of God’s business, He will also take care of your business; mentally, spiritually and physically.

Study this;People pay 400 dollars a month just to stay alive, others rely on oxygen from tanks, others are dying by the minute.

You kill every disease that comes your way with mere doze of painkillers.Headache you ingest paracetamol, stomach ache para, body pain para, malaria too para,
and you think it happens just like that?

There is a divine intervention. A greater person is taking care of you because you are taking care of His work. You make your pastor look and healthy, you make the house of God comfortable for his work.

For you to prosper, there are other principles to apply. God said, “i wish above all things that you (may) prosper. The word (may) in the text means to have permission or to be allowed, which means you have been allowed to prosper, but there’s a possibility that you will not
and it wouldn’t be God’s fault. It will be the choices that you make. After all Jesus said “the poor will always be with you.”

It all boils down to what you are doing after you pay the tithe for that blessing to be activated. Where is your remaining ninety percent going to? Investment? Or chichinga stand? Savings? Or lavishing on liabilities ?

You can’t be paying tithe and be doing nothing else, aside waiting on God with your hands between your thighs for prosperity to fall.  You think it works like that?

Let me draw your attention to a fact. Nobody in the bible, called to be a disciple by Jesus was idle, all of them had something doing.

Fishermen, tax collector, they all had their hands on something. When Jesus met Simon, he said “have you caught anything?” Why ask that? You think he wanted to buy fish?

He wanted evidence of success. When they replied saying no, Jesus knew they had at least tried. He now commanded them to cast the net to the other side. They caught one hundred and fifty three fishes in obeying that command. Zero to a hundred! Work!

What are you doing now, that when the opportunity comes for your blessings to be finally released it will serve as a medium?Remember, “when opportunity meets preparation, success prevails.”

Working, preparation, getting your hands busy is as important as tithing brethren, because owing to the work comes your income and in your income is the tithe.

Don’t get engulfed in the euphoria that paying tithe guarantees your financial prosperity.