Choosing a partner should not be a headache. with the help of counsels one can have a great partner.As a christian,you need to understand that God gives a partner according to proverbs 19:14, you have to make a choice of a partner. Also Proverbs 18:22;God gives man options but man has to make a choice.

The story of Adam and Eve has been twisted. Adam had to accept Eve after God presented her. Christians have the need to seek fellowship from their fellow Christians therefore the person you choose must be a believer. In 1st Corinthians 7:39, a believer should marry a believer.

Here are some points to note when choosing:

Get to know yourselves which is the practical stage; know who you are going to marry. There is physical compatibility which is medical by nature where you get to know the blood type and if you are both compatible.

At this stage a lot of Christians usually ignore all this and go into marriage exercising faith and choosing out of the heart and not the head which is termed the common sense approach.

Look out for physical demands which means if you are in ministry as a man, you will need a woman who will be there to help your ministry.

There is also social compatibility which has to do with temperaments. It will not be advisable to be with someone who has same temprament as you; if the man is an introvert and he marries an introvert woman, the couple can have a boring home.

As a believer,there is the need for spiritual confirmation and the leading of the spirit according to Romans 8:14,Genesis 24:26-27.

There is also the inner witness where the Lord speaks to man through the Heart,Dreams,and even through Prophecies,Trans, Preaching and Marriage counselling accompanied with the peace of mind to help you with your choices and makes you feel certain about your choices there will not be battles in your mind about your partner.

Know that love is a choice and not just a feeling.



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