Your Career: You Are Called To Decide

Your Career- You Are Called To Decide
Are you wrestling with a career decision, not sure which path to take? Are you wondering which direction the Lord desires you to go? If so, you are not alone! Many Christians struggle with making career decisions at various points in their lives.
Decision-making can be difficult. There is often a lot at stake. Our decisions have the power to change our lives for the better-or for the worse. Making a decision inescapably means taking a risk. We may fear not succeeding, experiencing disapproval from family or friends, or being ultimately disappointed by our choice.
Your Career: You Are Called To Decide
Many people have never been taught specifically how to make decisions, especially decisions about their vocational calling. When we are unsure what criteria to use in choosing a career, for example, we may look primarily at objective factors like salary and benefits, or ultimately make decisions based on our intuition or feelings about the options. We may know that there are other things we should consider, but not be sure what they are.
To further complicate the situation, we may also wonder, “Shouldn’t finding my calling be a mysterious spiritual experience instead of a systematic process? Can it really be a calling if it is something I have decided to do instead something to which God has directed?” These kinds of questions stem in part from our difficulty in knowing how to find a balance between the human and the divine.
Your Career :You Are Called To Decide6
Given the challenges of decision-making, it is understandable why some people avoid it. Instead of making choices, they tend to let their path through life be shaped by outside circumstances and decisions others make for them. They may use phrases like “I fell into my career” or “I just found myself in this situation” which convey a sense of just letting life happen instead of intentionally choosing a direction.
Many Christians struggle with knowing what to do when they face important decisions about their callings. Is it up to God to guide or up to us to decide? The key to resolving this dilemma is realizing that it is both: God promises to guide and you are called to decide.
Note: Our first priority in life must always be to develop an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.